Professional Me

Throughout my life, I have sustained two separate professional lives, although, throughout the last decade, those two completely separate careers have blended as modern security functions have migrated to the computerized world of technology.

  • The first life is that of a computer nerd. Starting back in the days of the 80286 machines running multiple 4800 baud modems, supported by the original "multi-hunt" telephone lines, for the construction of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), that has evolved to become a programmer/analyst I am today. Throughout my technology journey, I have dabbled in Satellite networking with terrestrial earth stations, fiber optics, and even cellular security, in addition to standard network administration, computer administration, and of course, programming. Essentially, if it has a computer associated with it, I've probably worked with it.
  • The second life is that of an Emergency Manager and Security Consultant. Starting in my days after the US Marine Corps, I became a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in South Tucson, as well as a security consultant. Throughout my decades in the security industry, I have served in a plethora of roles, covering about 90% of the security industry as-a-whole. From the uniformed officer to a maritime security detail lieutenant, and many points in-between. As the evolution of security systems evolved into the computer industry, I was at the forefront, programming serial ports to accept the "offs and ons" of door sensors and "window-breaks", as well as the construction of some of the first computerized access control systems.

As with many in my career field, the titles on the resume don't give a full, or complete picture of the skills learned in the process of creating the events described. As with all the technology fields that are many skills that are "as otherwise assigned". It is these skills that I try to highlight here. Throughout the years I have worked with many brilliant people, who, like me, shared their experiences freely as to allow those around them to continue their individual growth.

Really my resume could be divided into two distinct groups: Technology, and security, however, I find myself at the place where I enjoy each situation that I am presented, and attempt to learn throughout each engagement. Feel free to click on my "official" resume below. I would also offer that there is SO MUCH more to me than what is presented in my resume, and although I say "I did this", or "I did that", please know that I built a fiber-optic network at my home with a six (6) server system server-farm to contort and understand any technology that I was presented with.

Web Page Portfolio

My Official Resume Here (Current as of Feb 2021)

Outside the Resume Skills

Security Operations

  • Search & Rescue

    Whether it be in the urban forest, or on the high mountains, I have had the training to be able to perform search and rescue operations, including the use of a trained canine.

  • Maritime Operations

    Whether it be water-rescue or safe water operations, I have decades of working around commercial shipping operations in both a medical and security role. Skilled in both: underway, and in-port operations. Certified as an open-water diver, capable of performing most types of SCUBA dive operations.

  • Security Operations

    Whether with or without technology, capable of assisting almost all aspects of security operation. Certified in building, and open area, as well as VIP personal security aspects. Have worked most levels of security implementation for a multitude of scenario types.

  • Fire Management

    Received training in most of the different fire control methodologies

    • Urban and Chemical fires,
    • Rural and Bush fires,
    • Maritime and Commericial,
    • Air Drop operations

Technology Operations

  • Programming

    Whether it be desktop or web-deployed, I can work with most languages on the market:

    • C#
    • .NET
    • PHP
    • HTML
    • PERL
    • Visual Basic
    • Powershell
    • others...
  • Content Management System (CMS)

    I've worked with many different Content Management Systems, online communities, or portals. 

    • WordPress
    • Joomla
    • Confluence
    • Many others...
  • Hosting

    Using both: local servers at my home, and cloud services, I've offered and supported many different clients

    • Godaddy
    • Others
    • Servers stored at my home.

Personal Technology Benchmark

After spending decades in the technology field working on, and with, thousands of pieces of technology, I have arrived at the understanding that I don't want to spend all my time using my technology, in frustration over the installation of drivers and custom configurations. This leads me to embrace the Apple® brand of products for my personal use.

  • Apple Macbook Pro
  • Apple Macbook Pro Air
  • Apple Watch (Series 6)
  • Apple iPad
  • Apple Earbuds
  • Apple iPhone 11

I set up my lovely bride with an Apple iMac for her computing needs, as well as older Apple Macbook Pro laptops, and Apple iPad minis, for my young sons to subscribe and attend virtual schooling during the Pandemic of 2020.